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Company Objectives

Enjoying an enviable track record of performance, ABBRPL has formulated a set of quality objectives, which would enable them, benchmark and achieve the policy of the company.

The objectives are:

  • Customer Satisfaction:
    “All orders of all suppliers shall have a customer rating  not less than 80% (Eighty percent) in all aspects like quality, delivery and services”.
  • Delivery commitment:
    “All orders of prescribed quality generated from all customers shall be executed before the agreed delivery dates”.
  • New Product Development:
    “Company shall add not less than 100 (One Hundred) new styles during every season”.
  • Style bank:
    “ABBRPL  shall maintain a style bank, a large collection of style and samples with data on fabric and garment to facilitate reproduction in bulk”.
  • Panel of Suppliers and Selection:
    “We maintain a panel/directory of suppliers who are capable and competent to perform with commitment. Selection of suitable suppliers for any customer requirement will be purely on the performance merits”.
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